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SatExpo 2009 – Nautisat Present New ACU control panel and R.M.I

SatExpo 2009 - Nautisat

Nautisat is proud to participate at Satexpo 2009 edition, presenting its new A.C.U. Antenna Control Unit.
The new ACU is proposing a new Touch Screen Control Panel that allows quick access to all features of Marine Stabilized Antenna.


The new monitoring system also allows access via Http using the new web interface design nautisat – the R.W.I. Remote Web Interface.
With the ACU Nautisat you can manage completely independently and in both single antenna or a complex of stabilized antennas.

Ing R.Ricci and Dott. A.Notargiacomo aside the new Nautisat ACU
Ing R.Ricci and Dott. A.Notargiacomo beside the new Nautisat ACU