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NAUTIFLY 75 is an antenna in Ka band completely contained in a trolley for transport, composed by a base that supports the antenna and a cover with leveling legs that acts as a sub-base. It's transportable by one person only as contained in a troll. versionn Ku band available in few months.

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Fit in a Trolley

An automatic pointing flyaway antenna for satellite communications in Ka-band transportable by one person only as contained in a trolley. 

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Instant Setup

Up and running in a time of 5 to 10 minutes by one person. 

IATA Complaint

Can be embarked upon a plane flight passing through the normal check-in passengers performing with IATA standards (the sum of the three dimensions is less than 158 cm and weighing less than 32 kg). Upon arrival, the trolley will be withdrawn on the conveyor belt. 


Automatic-tracking satellite dish 

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Video Installation Tutorial

The antenna will be up and running in less than 10 minutes.


Technical Details



- Reflector prime focus offset of carbon fiber, with an opening 0.75 m, divided into three parts with the side sections folded on the central sector;

- Handling system with two axes: Azimuth and Elevation;

- Automatic pointing of the chosen satellite;

- Arm support of the feed / transceiver articulated for easy automatic folding in the trolley;

- Modem housed in a sealed container integral with the feed support arm transceiver;

- Location detection system of the antenna (GPS, electronic fluxgate) and data center for pointing;

 A.C.U. (antenna control unit) placed in the trolley in front of the antenna for transportation;

- Connecting cable to the ACU for remote control;

- Power connection for auxiliary batteries for autonomous operation;


Trolley Dimensions 930 x 440 x 220 mm

Weight less than 32 kg

Tightness class IP67


Antenna: Ka-band

Reflector: 0,75 m offset

Polarization: Circular

Feed and Transceivers: Integrated

Technology ViaSat

TX Power: 3W

Maximum power: 4W (optional)

Frequency TX: 29.50 ÷ 30.00 GHz

Frequency RX: 19.70 ÷ 20.20 GHz

TX Gain: 44.2 dB (typical at 29.75 GHz)

RX Gain: 40.1 dB (typical at 19.95 GHz)

Handling Az and El Motorized

Automatic tracking through GPS, Fluxgate electronic and angular sensors

Azimuth range: -90 ° to + 90 °

Elevation range: 0° to 90°

Power supply 220V BC; 30V A.D.

Auxiliary batteries 24V A.D.

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