Maritime Vsat

Vsat 120

Vsat stabilised transmitting/receiving Ku band antenna for in-motion maritime communication

The V-SAT 120 is designed for receiving and transmitting in Ku band.
It has been used with full satisfaction on several ships since long time. 
The elevate efficiency makes this device the “non plus ultra” in satellite TV receiving both in analog and digital field.
The stability in aiming is determinant in making this antenna the most advanced equipment in maritime satellite communications, allowing transmission and reception in every weather condition with excellent signal quality.
The heart of the system is the gyroscopic inertial stabilization system that is installed on the antenna.
The V-SAT is also provided of an automatic spiral search that allows faster satellite pointing procedure.The two systems together make the antenna the most effective equipment you can find on the market.
Nevertheless, the advanced solutions adopted should not impress too much.
The totally integrated GPS and the internal Gyro interface device make the antenna a definitely user friendly apparatus.
The A.C.U. needs just the operator to select the satellite to point.
Vsat stabilised transmitting/receiving Ku band antenna for in-motion maritime communication
Nautisat is developing a new VSAT120 model that works with three different bands.

Vsat models are designed to transmit and receive Internet, Voip, Fax, E-Mail, Weather Info, High Broadband Data, A/V conferencing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and database backup.

Nautisat Vsat Models guarantee an excellent tracking performance and allows to use the maximum receive and trasmit power.

Vsat is perfect solution for all range of vessel, from ocean going vessels to small yacth, for Oil and Gas platform or Cruise and Cargo Ships, that require “always-on” broadband satellite communications.

The models start from 60 cm of dish to 360 cm, and are configured with Ku-Band only version, in combined Ku-Band/C-Band or in C-Band only.

Nautisat Vsat antenna systems designed specifically for maritime use, and is stabilized to withstand extreme marine environments.

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Strengths: why choose Nautisat VSAT

Ferry and Vessels

Best fit for Commercial vessel and ferry  

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Instant Setup

Up and running in a time with our ACU in few time!

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Eutelsat Complaint

Tested and certified for on Eutelsat satellite constallation.


Easy Assistance

Fast solution of mechanical or electronic problems thanks to lean design logica


Easy Assistance

Fast solution of mechanical or electronic problems thanks to lean design logica


Automatic-tracking satellite dish 

Automatic pointing to the reference satellite in few seconds


Other Specification

Maximum transceiver efficiency with the class M Eutelsat certified prime focus RNFeed optics

Thanks to the proprietary RNFeed technology Nautisat antenna systems ensure great efficiency with high gain and extremely low sidelobes, it permits an high trasmission power with bucs up to 40W.

Rugged, accessible and transparent to radio frequency radomes

Nautisat antenna radomes are built with a “sandwich” stucture of fiberglass and airex®, they are characterized by a really low attenuation level (0.2 dB), an excellent focal precision and great toughness. Every radome is also equipped with an inspection hatch that allows direct access to the inner equipment and makes easy every operation of maintenance and control.

CNC Machined Aluminium and Stainless Steel modular stucture

Almost every mechanical component in a Nutisat marine satellite system is made of aluminium alloy or stainless steel CNC machined from solid, it ensures the maximum mechanical precision and grants to the system the maximum pointing and tracking reliability other than a rugged construction and an excellent resistance to the marine environment.

3 axis stabilization system with indipendent skew

On Nautisat systems stabilization is performed with respect to the dish frame, and in conjunction with the use of coaxial absolute optical encoders, it ensures precise and direct movements from any antenna posing. Steptrack cycle is performed regardless of ship’s geographical position and satellite elevation outsmarting any rough parametric step system. The indipendent Skew Axis with a range of +-175° acts in TVRO models rotating the LNB whereas in VSAT models the whole ANTENNA-FEED-WAVEGUIDE PLUMBING-BUC group is turned. This solution grants to transreceiver antennas a constant radiation pattern and the waveguide transmission lines eliminate any signal loss caused, in other systems, by cables or rotary joints.

Extra wide pointing range with elevation spacing from -30 to +120 degrees and tilt from -30 to +30 degrees

thanks to it’s mechanical architecture Nautisat antenna systems allow a perfect pointing from the poles to the equator with wide compensation margins over ship’s roll and pitch movements.

Automatic satellite pointing and identification

Every Nautisat satellite antenna embed in their powerful control unit a real time satellite recognition system, it ensures a stable link with the transponder and the possibility automatically regulate the uplink transmission.

Extreme component standardization and maintenance simplicity

Every Nautisat System has been designed to reduce the components number to a minimum, creating functional blocks and assemblies to minimize the number of spare parts. Every component, of mechanic or electronic nature, can be swapped over the three axes and through antennas of different model and size allowing even large fleets to navigate safely with few spares. The balanced construction and the open component location make maintenance and repair easy and accessible to all, even if not specialized personnel.

Maximum system integrability

Every ACU implements a communication port through socket server and could be easily integrated with any existent hardware or software ,on board or remotely, that might interact or take control over the antenna system. Nautisat products are ready to operate solo or as part of big and complex systems.

Remote control interface through LAN or over internet

Every ACU embeds a web server that makes possible, with any java enabled browser, to control antennas easily through LAN or over Internet. This particular characteristic makes real scenarios like: remote control, assistance and fleet monitoring.

Extreme easy to install and operate

due to its sofisticate pointing system and to Nautisat proprietary software all the operations needed to install an antenna are reduced to the bare installation trims, that are set by a fully automated procedure. Just a few minutes go by from the antenna deployment to a fully functional system.

The antenna operation is easy and intuitive thanks to the color graphic GUI and to the 4.3? touch screen of antenna control units.

ZCTUnlimited Azimuth OperationPyramidal Scanning

Technical Details



Dish Diameter: 1,20 m
Parabolic Dish: Nautisat single piece 1,2m carbon fiber composite material
Above deck equipment: mass 110 Kg
Type:Prime Focus, front fed configuration and feed with mode generator
Frequency: band Ku
Transmit frequency : 13.75GHz -14.50 GHz
Transmit gain :43 dBi (typical at 14.25 GHz)
Transmit XPD :>30 dB within the mainlobe -1 dB contour
Transmit beamwidth : +/- 0.64°
Receive frequency :10.70 GHz – 12.75 GHz
Receive gain : 41 dBi (typical at 11.7 GHz)
G/T : 20.0 dB/°K (typical at 11.7 GHz)
Pointing losses  :< 0.5 dB
Sidelobe patterns: compliant with Eutelsat EESS 502
Polarization error :<0.1°
Worldwide Feed : Yes


Type : two pieces diam. 1,40m
Material :foam/fiberglass sandwich
Attenuation :No rain 0.2 dB


Stabilization type Active on three axis, with inertial reference and conical scan tracking
Motors Type Brushless servomotors
Operation angles
Elevation -30° + 120°
Tilt +/- 30°
Azimuth unlimited (with slip ring)
Ship Movement
Pointing accuracy 0.1°
Roll +/- 30° in 6 sec
Pitch +/- 30° in 6 sec
Turning rate up to 15°/s


Above deck
Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Humidity up to 100% at +40°C
Spray and icing Radome protected
Protection water splash resistant from every direction
Wind 130 Knots
Corrosion metal part hot dip galvanized; allcomponents selected for marine usage
Vibration Meets Inmarsat requirements
Below deck
Temperature 0°C to + 40°C
Humidity Up to 100% R.H. at + 40°C
Power Requirement 220V, 50-60 Hz, 30W


Type Rackmount
Signal level control AGC
Satellite identification Automatic with lock
Polarization control Automatic with Eutelsat correction
Gyrocompass interface NMEA, stepper synchro
GPS Integrated
Pilot receiver Integrated
Compatible all NMEA Functions (satellite zone auto-switch)

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Vsat 120 Antenna for marittime communication

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