Nautiland 120


Satellite transponder for communications

Nautisat presents “Nautiland 120” the first Italian satellite transponder for communications with vehicle in movement on any terrain. 


Nautiland 120 is a system that integrates antenna’s performance Vsat 120 and the power and versatily of the Nissan Navara pick-Up. Nautiland 120 unlike any other uplink that require work in static and leveled conditions, allows
static links without leveling and stable and long lasting links with the vehicle in motion even at high speed or unfavorable road conditions or running off the road as taking advantage of the greet features of the Nissan Navara.
120 is trasportable by CH-47 Chinook helicopter.
Nautiland 120 been designed for various application both civilian and military:

  • Civil Protection for the restoration of communications during disasters or natural disasters by exploiting the capabilities of off-road vehicle
  • Area radio & television :possibility to make broadcasts of events or events in motion that require long distance travel.
  • Internet and voice: provides coverage in situation of inconvenience or disaster recovery.
  • Militay to ensure links the troops dunng operations and report to the General Staff  the situation on the ground.

Nissan Navara has been chosen by Nautisat to the spacious double cabin and the large rear cargo area Navara allow to install in the cabin electronics parts offering an high standard ol comfort tor technical crew and in the cargo area is installed antenna NAUTI VSAT 120.
Powerful and stylish, Nissan Navara is a perfect blend of style and strength: the raised suspension and pronounced wheel arches provide a formidable axle articulation to tackle even the roughest terrain.

Navara faces every climatic conditions rain, heavy rains, frost, ice. Tests carried out by the rain Nissan Navara to ensure The maximum comfort in any wet conditions.

Navara offers the possibility to choose between three different driving modes with the new move command boated on the dashboard – 2WD rear wheel drive only for the normally dry • 4WD HIGH to block the spread of value in situations of 50/50 just as challenging off -road mud and snow .- 4WD LOW for the most challenging off -road through sand, snow, mud and plenty for maximum traction on ascent and the maximum braking face in downhill.

The satellite dish of 12 m is of the prime focus feeds and share with RF design and production Nautisat. The feed is fed by waveguides. The disc, carbon fiber of high precision, is supported by a basket in which are stored at the BUC, with a power range from 4W to 50W, LNB’s, filters and other parts of the RF

The antenna is supported by a pedestal with three-axis movement of Azimuth Elevation and Tilt that will not ever axle alignment and avoid the phenomenon of “Zenith paradox”.

The ACU is a computer with Linux OS and is controlled from a color display 4.3″ touch-screen, very usefull to select the various operations and satellites.

The antenna structure and functional electronic distribution allows a very simple maintenance that can be done by a service user following the instructions in the manual provided.

Antenna Positioning process: Automatic tracking antenna on the geo-graphical location using the position and orientation with respect to North, points obtained from GPS data processed by the internal tracling system and ACU computer.

  • Azimuth 360 degrees without limit
  • Elevation -30 ° 120
  • Tilt -30 ° 30
  • Performance stabilization < 0. 1 ° RMS
  • Operating temperature -32 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Weight 120 kg Antenna
  • Weight 195 kg antenna with radome
  • Radome 1.40 m diameter
  • Height 1.75 m
  • Characterization approvals class “M” Eutelsat,
  • Designed to meet the quality requirements: FCC, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Europestar, IPSTAR, AsiaSat and Hispasat.

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