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About our Company:

Leading Designer and Manufactor 

Nautisat was founded in 2001 in Rome, Italy, by a group of engineers and technicians specialized in the design of electronic systems for marine navigation. From the very beginning, the company's goal has been to provide high quality and innovative solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of navigation at sea. 

We have always been suppliers of the Navy with satellite reception systems on some of the most important ships of the Navy.

Over the years, Nautisat has expanded its range of services related to maritime VSAT and TVRO antennas, with dimensions from 60cm to 300cm, with different bands and revolutionary all-in-one solutions.

Including installation, maintenance and remote assistance, we complete the customer service at 360°.

Furthermore, the company has developed a solid reputation for designing customized systems focused on solving specific customer needs, as demonstrated by the projects realized and featured on this site

The company continues to innovate and develop, offering increasingly advanced solutions to meet customer needs, whether it's the sea connection for ferries, fishing boats, oil & gas platforms, or high-tech satellite systems.

Nautisat is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of VSAT satellite communications antenna and TVRO, for commercial vessels, oil platforms, and yachts of all sizes.

Since 2001 his expert designers and workers team up to offer high-grade products ranging from large 300cm dish antennas to smaller 60cm ones.

Every Nautisat Antenna System, both in its mechanical and electrical part, is entirely designed in our laboratories to always develop into a well-engineered and cost balanced product.

Products & Services 

Offriamo una vasta gamma di soluzioni per garantire che la tua esperienza in mare sia sicura, efficiente e piacevole.  

VSAT Antenna 120 Ku band

Antenna design

TVRO and VSAT Marine Antennas for satellite reception on board ships, fishing boats, yachts, oil platforms

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Weather Radar and ATC realization

Study and implementation of projects for weather radar and ATC.

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Starting from the client's brief, feasibility study, design and prototype production preparatory to the series

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once the product has been manufactured according to the specifications, we guarantee installation and any training for the staff.

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Engineering consultancy and more

Technical and engineering consultancy to create the best solutions for your specific needs

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Special projects

Not only antennas, radars and communication systems. Thanks to experience, ingenuity and lateral thinking, our engineers are able to solve the most daring challenges.

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Nautisat is iso 9001 compliant and his products achieve the following military standards:

  • MIL-STD-167-1 Mechanical vibration of shipboard equipment
  • MIL-STD-901D Shock testing for shipboard equipment. 

Nautisat Antenna System use proprietary control system based on a special software and hardware that guarantee operation without dead or critical zones. Furthermore our new Feed Tecnology named ”RN FEED TECNOLOGY” based on New Direct Prime Focus Feed permit a fantastic transmit & receive signal, reducing significantly signal-loss.

the team


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Enzo Maria Notargiacomo

He carried out for more than 30 years within the former SELENIA, now LEONARDO, mechanical design, scientific and experimental research activities, covering the duties of head of the entire mechanical design and deputy director of quality control

He has decades of experience in the design and construction of the mechanical and structural component of civil and military Radar systems, Missiles, Aerospace, Naval, satellite telecommunications and ground and on-board ship and aircraft infrastructures.

Cesare Dionisio
Electronic Engineering- EXTERNAL CONTRACTOR

Project Manager Cosat, Principal Engineer of GIDE, ELINT monopulse payload for cubesat. Project Manager of ADGRAI, EGNSS interference monitoring equipment. System designer for UAV OBU application in HELMET (EC-GSA) project, GNSS navigation safety, for Radiolabs srl. System Engineer for Spatial Power Combiner Amplifier (SPCA) in Ka/Q bands ESA-ARTES. Teacher of Space System Fundamentals and microsatellite missions at Tor Vergata University “Navigation, Telecommunication and Remote

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Alessandro Margottini

Senior electronic technical expert

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Alessandro Notargiacomo

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Gianni Pellegrineschi

60 years of experience in antenna design, probably the best in Italy

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Carlo Mascherini