Nautisat is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of VSAT and TVRO satellite communications antenna,
for commercial vessels, oil platforms, and yachts of all sizes.

Internet for Maritime 
and Terrestrial

Terrestrial Vsat


Automatic pointing flyaway antenna for satellite communications in Ka-band transportable by one person only as contained in a trolley.

MAritime antenna

VSat 120







Vsat models are designed to transmit and receive Internet, Voip, Fax, E-Mail, Weather Info, High Broadband Data, A/V conferencing, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and database backup.

Nautisat Vsat Models guarantee an excellent tracking performance and allows to use the maximum receive and trasmit power.



Satellite transponder for communications with vehicle in movement on any terrain.

Nautiland 120 is a system that integrates antenna's performance Vsat 120 and the power and versatily of the Nissan Navara pick-Up. 

Satellite Communication Receive only

TVRO Maritime Solution for small and big vessels

Photo by Cristina Gottardi

Nauti 120-2 TVRO

With 120 cm dish size and 120 kg of weight the Nauti 120-2 represent the state of art of television receive only system for medium and large vessels. 

Radome 240cm diameter for tvro and vsat antennas with 200cm dish, sandwich fiberglass


Automatic pointing flyaway antenna for satellite communications in Ka-band transportable by one person only as contained in a trolley. 

Our Partners

Radar solution

S- Band Radar 

Nautisat S-Band A.T.C. radar antenna system is a modern off-set antenna that benefits of the most advanced techniques and software in the design.

Latest News

Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”  & Università degli Studi “Roma 3”

CO_SAT - Co-Siting Antenna Technology

The CoSAT project is part of the aerospace AdS and aims to develop innovative technologies in metamaterials to improve the communication capabilities of small satellites and reduce the problems related to interference generated by multiple antennas. Miniaturized and multi-band radiating elements based on metamaterial technology will be studied and created which will allow the management of the crowding of the satellite platform through co-siting techniques of radiant elements that reduce the effects of blockage and mutual interference (e.g. masking of antennas via metamaterials). 

The project is part of the Lazio Region supply chain and aims to contribute to the objectives of the S3 strategic document in the field of advanced telecommunications and safety.

New Presentation available for download

Nautisat's new presentation is now avaible at this link Discovery our new products like NautiFly75 or NAUTISAT S-BAND AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL Contact us for more information and quotation.

R.N.R.E. alla Fiera di Friedrichshafen 2015 con NautiFly

Ringraziamo gli amici del R.N.R.E. che alla 40esima edizione della International Amateur Radio Exhibition - HAM RADIO di Friedrichshafen dal 26 al 28 giugno scorso hanno presenziato con un stand esponendo ... Read more

Nautisat @ Streaming Day

Nautisat sarà presente domani allo Streaming Day organizzato da Videoelettronic La diffusione video via streaming è ormai strumento irrinunciabile nei più disparati settori, dalla politica alla comunicazione istituzionale e commerciale, ... Read more


Nautisat will take part in the ninth edition of the AERANTI-CORALLO RADIOTV FORUM, which has become a focal point for the radio and television field. You can come visit us ... Read more

IBC2013 – RAI Amsterdam

Nautisat will attend IBC2013 at the RAI in Amsterdam. This is the spirit of the IBC: More than 50,000 professionals from over 160 countries engaged in the content creation, management and ... Read more