Special Projects


In the event of natural disasters, collapses and catastrophic events, the mobile phones of people involved in the disaster may not be able to connect to the GSM network and/or this may not be available for an extended period. This may not allow for quick rescue or finding the missing.
The Nautisat Lifesaving Case is designed to search for and connect to the mobile phones of people trapped in rubble following collapses, avalanches or other causes of disasters.

Other Information

The system is contained in a backpack which gives high operational mobility,
it consists of a GSM micro-cell, associated with high-gain directional antennas, which make it possible to identify the direction of the point where the imprisoned cell is located.
Once the connection is established, it allows rescuers to locate the area from which the signal is coming.
The operator can orientate himself towards the signal using a device that allows to visualize the intensity of the signal.
During inactivity or transport, the antennas and tubular supports are stored inside the backpack.
The mounting of the supports and antennas is obtained with quick couplings equipped with spring stops.
The backpack contains the battery charging system and a control panel, as well as the electronics
In conditions of local network absence, the backpack can be equipped with OMNIDIRECTIONAL antennas to operate as a reference cell for the mobile phones of technicians and workers present in the area such as construction sites for dams, oil wells, road construction, etc. located in desert areas or not served by any network.
This GSM micro cell phone can connect with WI-FI network; in the absence, the satellite link can be set up using the performance of the NAUTIFLY 75 Ka which allows the VIASAT connection in any condition.