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TVRO 120

Vsat stabilised transmitting/receiving Ku band antenna for in-motion maritime communication

Suitable for all vessels, Nauti TVRO models are designed to provides strong signal for TV and HDTV channels for Ku-band and C-Band, and are compatible with mostly in satellite providers in the world.
Very easy to install, the TVRO models are Real plug and play Marine antenna systems.
Nautisat marines satellite antenna systems represent the state of art of Televisionreceive only system for small, medium and large vessels;.
Yachts, cruise ships, commercial vessels can travel greater distances offshore and still receive a better signal in any condition: zenith position or in harshest marine condition.
Nautisat antenna system suitable for all for fair and platform
All models have 3 axis stabilization and can be completely monitored, managed and logged using Nauti RWI (remote web interface) or directly from the ACU (antenna control unit) with a 4,3” integrated touch screen control panel.

Nauti TVRO had a large range of dish for differente needs, from 60cm to 300cm .

Fully compatible with all type of tv, like DIRECTV and other.

TV everywhere

Strengths: why choose Nautisat TVRO

Ferry and Vessels

Best fit for Commercial vessel and ferry  

setup analytics

Instant Setup

Up and running in a time with our ACU in few time!

connected world

Eutelsat Complaint

Tested and certified for on Eutelsat satellite constallation.


Easy Assistance

Fast solution of mechanical or electronic problems thanks to lean design logica


Automatic-tracking satellite dish 

Automatic pointing to the reference satellite in few seconds


Easy installation on site

Few hours to install the antenna at the operating site

Technical Details



Dish diameter 1,20 m
Radome diameter 1,40 m
Parabolic Dish for 120-2M Nautisat single piece 1,2m carbon fiber composite
Above deck equipment mass 120 kg with radome
Minimum E.I.R.P. 39 dBW
The minimum E.I.R.P. levels are specified for minimum quality TV
picture at receiver threshold for C/N = 7 dB
Down Converter Ku – LNB Quattro, noise figure, 07 dB typical
Frequency band Ku band 10.7 GHz – 12.75 GHz
Polarization linear 


Type one piece plus base plate

Diameter 1,40 m

Material foam/fiberglass sandwich

Attenuation No rain < 0.2 dB



Stabilization type Active on three axis, with inertial reference

and conical scan tracking

Motors Type Brushless servomotors

Operation angles

Elevation -30° + 120°

Tilt +/- 30°

Azimuth +/- 350°

Ship Movement

Pointing accuracy 0.1°

Roll +/- 30° in 6 sec

Pitch +/- 30° in 6 sec

Turning rate up to 15°/s 


Above deck

Temperature -20°C to +55°C

Humidity up to 100% at +40°C

Spray and icing Radome protected

Protection water splash resistant from every direction

Wind 130 Knots

Corrosion metal part hot dip galvanized; allcomponents selected for marine usage.

Vibration Meets Inmarsat requirements

Below deck

Temperature 0°C to + 40°C

Humidity Up to 100% R.H. at + 40°C

Power Requirement 220V, 50-60 Hz, 30W 


Type Rackmount Signal level control AGC Satellite identification Automatic with lock Polarization control Automatic with Eutelsat correction Gyrocompass interface NMEA, stepper synchro GPS Integrated Pilot receiver Integrated Compatible all NMEA Functions (satellite zone auto-switch)

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