Special Projects


Project realized from the design request of weather radr for supersonic fighter. The antenna shown is installed aboard the aircraft or at the front inside the radome or under a wing inside a POD. The challenge was to create a compact product that can work at high performance in extreme contexts. The radiating part of the antenna is a planar array with a diameter of 30 cm, composed of slotted guides, operating in BandaX. 

Technical Details


Movement is on two axes: Elevation on Azimuth.
The occupied volume is approximately 30x30x30 cm. The weight is about 7 kg.
Rotations: Azimuth +/- 90°; Elevation +/- 15°. The motors are of the Brushless type.
Encoders are absolute optical. All the components are protected by nylon covers. The power supply is 24V.
Lubrication can be grease or oil bath.