S- Band Radar

Nautisat S-Band A.T.C. radar antenna system is a modern off-set antenna that benefits of the most advanced techniques and software in the design.

ATC Radar

The profile reflector and the feed/polarizer system are designed with a Nautisat proprietary software. The reflector off-set profile is most innovative and it can generate side lobes of very low level. The reflector is equipped with tilting mechanism with graduated scale. The pedestal with two drive motors is designed to support the primary antenna and a large open array antenna for the secondary radar.

An RF six channels rotary joint and multi-channel slip ring permit the signal flowing the moving parts and the fixed parts. An encoder box codify the azimuth position. The antenna structure and surface are made in aluminum alloy. The pedestal is made in welded and galvanized steel with polyurethane paint. Nautisat ensure high repeatability in production and high performance and reliability.


Operating band frequencies 2.7 – 2.9 GHz







Up to 45° in the elevation plan

Operation speed Up to 15RPM
Polarization Horizontally linear, circular (L/R)
Antenna reflector loss 0,10 dB
Feed and polarizer loss 0,05 dB
VSWR over the entire band 1,35 : 1
Presence of the radome yes
Antenna gain 35 ± 1 dB
Horizontal beam width at -3 dB 1,39° ± 10%
Vertical beam width at -3 dB 5° ± 10%
Side lobes level ? 25 dB ± 1 dB
Slope on the horizon, at -3dB from the main peak beam 4 to dB / deg
Tilt angle -2° to +5° manually controlled
ICR 20 dB


Antenna gain35 dB ± 1 dB
Horizontal beam width at -3 dB1,39° ± 10%
Vertical beam width at -3 dB5° ± 10%
Side lobes level? 25 dB ± 1 dB
Slope on the horizon, at -3dB from the main peak beam6 to dB / deg.
Squint angle between Main and Aux beams3° ± 0,5°



Temperature range-40°C ÷ + 70°C
HumidityUp to 100%
Operative in rain conditions4 ÷ 102 mm per hour
Solar radiation? 360 BTU / hr / ft ² (1135 Watts / m²)
Wind conditionsOperatingSurvival
Without ice133 KNTS178 KTNS
With ice93 KNTS124 KNTS